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J.Lo Recreated Her Iconic Versace Dress For 2019

BuzzFeed India 2019-09-21 05:21:00

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez broke the internet today when she recreated her iconic 2000 Grammy Awards dress for a Versace show at Milan Fashion Week. Here's a side-by-side, 2000 to 2019:

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So, are you more the OLD green Versace dress, or the NEW green Versace dress? Only one way to find out...

  1. Pick a classic J.Lo movie:

    Image: Via Warner Bros. Selena Correct Incorrect Via Warner Bros. Selena Via Warner Bros.
    Image: Via Sony Maid in Manhattan Correct Incorrect Via Sony Maid in Manhattan Via Sony
  2. Pick a J.Lo song:

    Image: Via Epic "Jenny from the Block" Correct Incorrect Via Epic "Jenny from the Block" Via Epic
    Image: Via UMG "On the Floor" Correct Incorrect Via UMG "On the Floor" Via UMG
  3. Pick a new J.Lo movie:

    Image: Via STXfilms Second Act Correct Incorrect Via STXfilms Second Act Via STXfilms
    Image: Via STXfilms Hustlers Correct Incorrect Via STXfilms Hustlers Via STXfilms
  4. Pick a J.Lo Met Gala look:

    Answer Image 2018 (Heavenly Bodies) Correct Incorrect 2018 (Heavenly Bodies)
    Answer Image 2019 (Camp) Correct Incorrect 2019 (Camp)
  5. Pick a J.Lo Instagram:

    Image: Via @jlo Correct Incorrect Via @jlo Via @jlo
    Image: Via @jlo Correct Incorrect Via @jlo Via @jlo
  6. Pick a J.Lo Grammys look:

    Image: Via Getty Images 2013 Correct Incorrect Via Getty Images 2013 Via Getty Images
    Image: Via Getty Images 2017 Correct Incorrect Via Getty Images 2017 Via Getty Images
  7. And finally, pick another J.Lo song:

    Image: Via Epic "I'm Real" Correct Incorrect Via Epic "I'm Real" Via Epic
    Image: Via Epic "Love Don't Cost a Thing" Correct Incorrect Via Epic "Love Don't Cost a Thing" Via Epic