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Looking for some adventure? Add these destinations to your bucket list

MSN 2019-10-10 05:07:00

The world is the oyster for every adventure-seeker. And if you too are looking to explore some unique destinations, why not pick from a list of countries that offer the best of all worlds — nature, rich history and plenty of wildlife? Here are some destinations that should feature in your bucket list!


It is not just the meeting place of two continents, Istanbul is also the confluence of myriad histories, cultures, art, and cuisines. Here, you will find recognisable vestiges of all great events, armies, and nations including the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans weaved into its rich historical and cultural heritage — which lends this fantastic union of East and West its unique place in the world. Complement your visit by spending some time with the locals on their favorite stamping grounds: kebapçis (kebab restaurants), kahvehans (coffee houses), meyhanes (Turkish taverns), çay bahçesis (tea gardens), among others.


If you are a nature-lover and are looking for some spiritual retreat to mend your soul, then Estonia is the place for you. Flanked by Latvia and Finland on its north and south respectively, and Russia to its east, this historically and culturally unique country stands out. It is home to rich swathes of forest, sparsely-peopled countryside, and over 2,000 islands in the Baltic Sea.

Interconnected by an easily accessible network of buses which will get you value for your money, Estonia is also known for its UNESCO-protected Old Town in Tallinn which boasts of medieval architecture and Neoclassical buildings. Oh, and then there is their craft beer as well!


Tbilisi is the reason which makes Georgia the coolest retreat for the modern-day party-enthusiast. While on one hand there is a range of top-class restaurants, natural wine bars, and a flourishing club scene bursting with nightlife energy, on the other are Georgia’s vineyard-laden green valleys, its old watchtowers and older churches situated in the mountains that make for a memorable experience.


The primary highlight for any travel-seeker visiting Armenia for the first time is its delightful city of Yerevan where the Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum is also located. Carrying a complex and tragic blend of histories on its back, Armenia has risen above all odds to become the symbol of a resilient culture which will last forever. It is home to landmark locations such as Geghard Monastery, History Museum of Armenia, and Noravank, among others which are rewarding to explore.


Gritty, raw, wild, epic – these are some words that can be used to describe Alaska. But once you reach there you will realise that no word can encapsulate the colossal scale and beauty of the place. The saying, “you have to see it to believe it” holds true for Alaska. Renowned for its enormous national parks, unforgiving climate, and grand glaciers, Alaska is the ultimate retreat for wilderness lovers looking to explore the primal and majestic beauty of nature.