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Pokémon GO working on cross-platform AR-multiplayer Buddy Adventure

Android Police 2019-11-06 22:42:31

Niantic has revealed today that a new multiplayer feature tentatively titled Buddy Adventure should be coming to Pokémon GO sometime soon. This new feature will offer a shared augmented reality experience where players will interact with their friend's Pokémon via the AR camera. These friends can watch in real-time as you pet their Pokémon, and cross-platform support is expected, which means iOS and Android users can enjoy the upcoming Buddy Adventure mode together.

With any live service game, a constant stream of updates and new features are always expected, so it's hardly surprising to find out that Niantic has been working on a unique multiplayer AR experience for Pokémon GO. Of course, the upcoming Buddy Adventure mode didn't appear out of thin air, since Niantic trialed a few test cases like Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge to showcase the possibilities of AR. These tests have culminated into the upcoming feature Buddy Adventure, and while we still don't know specifically when we can expect this mode to show up in the game, Niantic has stated that it should arrive in the months ahead.

Of course, Buddy Adventure isn't the only feature mentioned in today's press release, since Niantic has also highlighted the Niantic Wayfarer program. This is a tool for high-level players so that they can submit new locations, photos, titles, and further information about the locations in Niantic's AR games. The developer has also noted that it's working on the lack of occlusion (the ability for AR subjects to move behind real-world objects) in its games in order to create a more immersive experience. Niantic has apparently been working on the implementation of this occlusion technology for some time, and so have announced that it will be coming to the Niantic Real World Platform in the future.

It would appear that Niantic is very interested in adding new multiplayer modes to Pokémon GO. Back in October, we learned that the upcoming mode GO Battle League will pair players with an opponent, regardless of their location, to experience one-on-one battles from around the globe. Today we learned that Buddy Adventure will exist as a multiplayer feature where you can pet your friend's Pokémon through augmented reality. Clearly, Niantic would like players to interact with each other more, which sounds like a perfectly good idea to me. So if you're interested in today's announcements and would like to learn more, feel free to read through the source linked below.