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Congress faces a shortage of funds; spent so much on Lok Sabha and Vidhaan Sabha elections!

News Track 2019-11-07 04:31:00

New Delhi: The Congress, the oldest political party in the country is facing shortage of funds, it spent Rs 820 crore in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the assembly elections of 5 states. The Congress itself has given information in this regard in the report submitted to the Election Commission. This information is being given in the media, citing sources of the Election Commission.

According to sources, the Congress has told in a report submitted to the Election Commission that the Congress has spent 300 crores more this year than in the year 2014. During the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress party received donations through 856 crore cash and checks. The thing to note here is that in 2018-19, the Congress was able to raise only 126 crore funds. According to the report, Congress has spent 626 crores on publicity and 194 crores on candidates.

A total of 86 crore rupees were spent by the party for air travel on the candidates and the star campaigner during the election. At the same time, about 40 crores have been spent on Rahul Gandhi's air travel. However, the BJP has not yet sent the report of election expenses in the Lok Sabha. The Congress has also sent this report to the Election Commission with delay.