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Congress was blowing the effigy of the Energy Minister, suddenly a fire broke out in the pajamas of the District President of the party

News Track 2019-11-07 05:24:00

Mathura: UPPCL is not taking the name of the controversy to invest 2600 crore rupees of the provident fund of personnel in the defaulting company DHFL. Samajwadi Party (SP), Congress and other opposition parties are trying to surround the government. On Thursday, Congressmen burnt effigies of the state government's energy minister Shrikant Sharma in Mathura.

During this time a big accident took place. While burning the effigy, there was a sudden fire in the district head's pajamas. The activists quickly extinguished the fire, soon after which everyone died. In fact, activists led by Congress District President Deepak Chaudhary reached the power house in Cantt on Thursday, where fierce slogans were raised against the Energy Minister. During this, the activists protested by blowing the effigy of the Energy Minister.

But during the effigy burning, the fire broke out in the pajamas of Congress District President Deepak Chaudhary. Congress workers were terrified by the fire in the district president's kurta. Soon the Congress workers overcame the fire. After which people breathed a sigh of relief. The video of the case is going viral on social media. At the same time, there was no response from the Congress Party on this matter yet.