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Tom MacIntyre obituary: Playwright who put nation in psychiatrist’s chair

News Summed Up 2019-11-09 05:30:00

Tom MacIntyreBorn December 10th, 1931Died, October 30th, 2019Tom MacIntyre, the acclaimed Irish playwright, poet, short story writer and novelist, has died following a long illness. And, Mason, Hickey and MacIntyre were fondly referred to as “the three lunatics in the basement” by the Abbey staff. Hickey who performed in many MacIntyre plays said the Cavan-born playwright was very insightful about human behaviour – never avoiding the darkness or the controversial. Following his secondary school education in St Patrick’s College, Cavan, MacIntyre studied English literature at University College Dublin. A portrait of MacIntyre by Colin Davidson was unveiled in the Abbey Theatre in 2013.