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India: Bride waits for no-show groom all day on wedding day

Gulf News 2019-12-03 20:14:22

Dressed in red, hands tattooed with henna and wearing gold, she waited for her husband-to-be but he never showed up.

The incident happened on Saturday, November 30 in Amritsar, Punjab, according to an international news website.

On the day of the wedding, relatives arrived and waited for the wedding.

Waiting at the procession from daytime, hours passed but the groom had not turned up.

The husband-to-be eventually told her that he was unable to attend the ceremony because his father was unwell.

As a result, the bride went to the police station along with her family to make a complaint.

She told police that she had been in a relationship with a man named Mohit. He had been promising to marry her for the past four and a half years.

What happened prior to wedding day

Mohit’s parents did not allow him to go through with the marriage.

After Mohit and the woman complained to the police, his parents eventually agreed to the marriage.

The wedding was set to take place in the Shiv Mandir Sukka Talab on November 30, an ancient temple which had been decorated for the ceremony.

However, on the wedding day, the groom failed to show up.

Police said that an investigation is underway.