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Intimate scenes with Faisal Rehman are challenging: Hina Altaf

The Express Tribune 2020-01-10 11:55:24

The actor also disclo­sed a rather repuls­ive trait of Aamir Liaqua­t

Actor Hina Altaf was recently featured on the first episode of talk show hosted by stand up comedian Tabish Hashmir. Living up to its name, the show’s format has the host extract some hard truths from the guests under the blanket of witty and fun banter. Perhaps Hina was too honest in the episode, revealing some interesting facts about her and the industry in general.

In one instance the host asked Hina about her favourite actor when it comes to intimate scenes. While she named Emmad Irfani as someone who fits the bill, the star also went on to express her displeasure with actor Faisal Rehman’s conduct during romantic scenes.

“I’ve done a romantic scene with Emmad Irfani and I got carried away. With Faisal Rehman , romantic scenes tend to be challenging . (In scenes that require just holding fingers, he tends to grab the whole arm).I have to keep my guard on always. I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’. After this he kept his distance,” the actor chuckled.

The host was visibly taken aback by the story, pointing out the age difference between the two actors and also labeling Faisal’s behaviour as harassment, in a witty fashion.

Hina also shared an interesting trait of TV host Aamir Liaquat. According to her,Liaquat has a tendency to spit while speaking. Recalling the time when she met Liaquat on his game show, Hina talked about how intense he gets while speaking. “Whenever he talks, spit drips from his mouth. When he talks loudly I feel that the seat will break. Beside that I like him and respect him,” Hina said.

Additionally,Hina listed Muneeb Butt as someone who despite being a low brow actor has an aura of arrogance. On the subject, Hina also talked about how she was not invited on Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding despite being friends with the former. A clip of this part of the show had surfaced some months back that led Aiman and her sister Minal Khan lash out at Hina and Tabish.

As a prolific vlogger Hina discussed how social media at times tends to throw things out of proportion.“People want to criticize everything on social media yet they themselves can’t stop watching. Video of me rope skipping in the gym would be uploaded with the caption ‘Hina Altaf gym ’( Hina Altaf doing obscene acts in the gym). At the same time such a video would garner more than a million views,” Hina said.

On the lighter side, Hina shared details of her others inbox folder. “Mostly I get marriage proposals. This one time I remember a guy sent a message that read ‘Hina Altaf you are like ”the actor laughed.

Talking about if she would let her children enter showbiz Hina discussed how she would never pressurize them in doing something against their will. “My kids can do whatever they want. However I do wish them to indulge in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Everyone these days just want their children to study continuously,” she said.