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Pongal 2020: THESE are the traditional recipes that you must try this time

Pinkvilla 2020-01-14 17:17:15

Pongal is celebrated across India with zeal. If you are planning to make some Pongal special recipes at home this time, then here are some quick recipes that you can try.

The festival of Pongal is here and this festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm across India. It is an important festival in the Tamil community and is observed at the start of the month Tai, according to the Tamil solar calendar. Like Makar Sankranti, Pongal is also dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya.


Pongal is a festival that is named after a dish prepared from the new harvest of rice boiled in milk with jaggery. This festival is celebrated by savouring this sweet dish. Once, this dish is prepared, it's first offered to the gods and then savoured by the family members. When it comes to Pongal, different types of Pongal savoured by all. If you are someone who loves Pongal and want to try some new recipes. Then, there are some recipes that you can try. 


Sakkarai Pongal: It is a sweet rice pudding that's made during the festival. Here's how you can make it at home. All you need is 1 cup each of moong dal and white rice, 4 cups of jaggery, a handful of cashew nuts, raisins, 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder, water as per requirement and 3tbsp of ghee. 



Method: Take a pressure cooker, add 2-3 cups of water and moong dal and rice in it. Pressure cook it for 10 whistles and let it cool down for a while. Post that, in a pan, add grated jaggery and 1/4 cup of water and let it melt on a low flame. Stir it well to avoid lumps. Once that's done, take a pan, add 1tsbp ghee and fry cashew nuts and raisins in it. Keep it aside. Open the lid of the pressure cooker and mash the rice and moong well. Heat it on low flame and add jaggery in it. Keep on stirring so that the bottom does not stick. Finally, add cashew nuts and raisins to the mixture before allowing it to cool a bit. Serve it.


Rava Pongal: This is another famous dish, which is served in Pongal and is made with rava or sooji. All you need is 1 cup of rava, 1/2 cup split moong dal, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon crushed pepper, 1 tablespoon chopped ginger, 3 chopped green chillies, 8-10 curry leaves, 3 garlic cloves chopped, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, salt as per taste, 4 cups of water, 1/2 cup milk and 2 tsp ghee. 



Dry roast rava and dal and let it sit for a while. Then dry roast dal and transfer the roasted dal in a bowl and soak in a cup of water. Post that boil water in a pressure cooker before adding the moong dal and add it to the boiling water. Once done, add turmeric and salt and boil it for 5 minutes. Then add rava into the liquid mixture and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Cover the pressure cooker and cook it for two whistles. Add milk and allow it to boil on low heat. In a pan, add oil and heat it. Add cumin seeds, crushed pepper, cashew nuts, ginger, green chilli, curry leaves, asafoetida powder and mix well. Pour it well and serve. 


Venn or Khara Pongal: This type of Pongal is a lightly spiced pulse and rice dish and can be easily prepared. Here's everything you need for it. 1/2 cup raw white rice, 1/2 cup split moong dal, 4 cups of water, 3 tbsp of ghee, 1 tsp of ground pepper, 3 tsp of cumin seeds, 8-10 curry leaves, 2 tbsp of broken cashew nuts, salt and chillies. 





Soak rice and dal in water for half-an-hour. Post that, post pressure cook the soaked rice in it. Heat and dry roast it on medium flame, until the rice turns a bit translucent. Add 2 tbsp ghee to the rice and dal mixture and stir. Post that, add 1tsp of cumin and chopped green chilies to the mix and stir it for a while. Then add 4 cups of water and salt, then stir for a while. Pressure cook it for 10 whistles on medium heat. Open the lid after that and mash it. Add 1 tsp of cumin, fresh pepper, a pinch of asafoetida and curry leaves and saute well. Serve with sambar.