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Aquarius, Libra, Virgo: The SILLIEST thing that makes you the most lovable according to your zodiac sign

Pinkvilla 2020-01-14 17:17:17

Check out the cutest, silliest thing that makes you the most likeable, which you had no idea about!

When it comes to being likeable or loving, there are multiple possibilities, Whether it is your attention to detail, your ability to listen to other people, or perhaps your intelligence or need to always look good, there is a vast field. But very rarely do we realise that we are making some small gestures be it just holding somebody's hand, helping them cross the road, etc. that we do with absolutely no expectations that makes people loveable and somebody everybody wants to be around. 
Read on to know why most people love to have you around. 


You have the ability to tell things like they are, without sugar-coating them. At the same time, you have the ability to say it in such a way that the opposite person doesn't feel bad about what you are saying!


One thing you are really good at is picking up on cues. You get people exactly what they want when they are least expecting it. You are the best gift-giver and know how to lift up anybody's mood. Your friends also always know that you are by their side no matter what. They know that you are holding their hand along the way. 


You are extremely patient and never seem to lose your temper. You are there helping people how to use "The Twitter", have Wikipedia in your brain and are always recommending good books to read. People value this. 


You have the ability to tell how people feel even without them telling you. You also make the best comfort food when need be, no matter what time of the day or night it is. 


You are the centre of attention always and have the ability to include people and make everybody in the room laugh. When people are around you, they tend to feel a sense of security and confidence, this is what they love the most about you. 


You see value in everything which kind of makes you attached even to the smallest things. You have the ability to make people feel comfortable around you and are unintentionally charming! 


You are one of the most loyal people in the zodiac. What people like the most about you is that you always have a backup plan ready if plan a,b, or c doesn't work out! 


You keep tabs of all the gossip that people give you. You act as their storage space and produce the receipts just when they need it. You also have the abilities of a detective, so that always helps!  


You have the ability to reassure people like no other. You take them out, make them feel better or even understand the mood and decide to camp indoors if need be. You have an excellent sense of understanding what the other person wants and manage to support their dreams no matter what way you can. 


You are the safety net for your friends. Though you haven't mentioned it, you have implied it multiple times and your closest friends love you for it. You also see and value everybody's hard work and appreciate it, making you a great leader as well. 


There is never a dull moment with you around. You make even solving the toughest problems a fun thing to do and are secretly extremely tender from the inside though you may try to hide it. 


You know just the right time to text people. You also have just the right moment to play at the right time, which helps deal with whatever the mood is. Your playlist is the bomb and your friends can always count on you for the best tunes.