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Entertainment industry sex trial: 'Conspiracy theory' questioned

News Summed Up 2020-01-19 05:30:00

An entertainment industry professional is on trial after pleading not guilty to sex offences (file photo). A former business partner of an entertainment industry professional says it's "disappointing" three women she thought were her friends have raised sexual misconduct allegations against him. But a prosecutor has told jurors common threads linked allegations from the three women against the man on trial. READ MORE:* Sex-accused entertainment industry boss said claims made him feel 'sick'* Entertainment industry boss accused of groping, pestering woman after stepping into lift* Entertainment industry sex trial: Rude nickname, workplace grudge claims denied* Entertainment industry sex accused: Man's fury at molestation claim"It's probably not something she is ever going to forget," Clark said. ​Previously, a defence witness said one of the man's accusers spoke of wanting to "destroy" the entertainment industry boss's company.