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I Photographed Leicester’s Independent Businesses With A Bronica Analog Camera

Bored Panda 2020-02-04 21:39:06

This ongoing project is called Shelf Life and was inspired by John Londei’s ‘Shutting Up Shop’ project. It focuses on independent businesses and helps them celebrate their success in this age of internet shopping and high street retailer.

Shelf Life began in 2014 by a community-run darkroom called Leicester Lo-Fi. They specialize in tinkering with analog cameras and old-style photography techniques.

These photographs are taken with a Bronica borrowed from Lo-Fi. Some shops still remain to this day, while others found a different path.

I am here to show you these beautiful businesses taken with good old fashioned 120mm film. Some portraits are darker due to it being in the middle of winter, yet everyone was extremely accommodating as it took 10 minutes to set up each shot.

When the images were processed in the darkroom and mounted to frames, Leicester Lo-Fi put on an exhibition and invited everyone I photographed and their staff members to attend in celebration of independent businesses.

Labels Designer Dress Agency, Clarendon Park

Labels Designer Dress Agency, Clarendon Park. Still going strong

All About Daisy, Clarendon Park. Sadly closing down

All About Daisy, Clarendon Park

Christopher James Delicatessen, Clarendon Park. Still going

Elizabeth James, Clarendon Park. Moved to Bristol

Eskimo Blue, Clarendon Park. Still going strong

My Prettiez, Clarendon Park. Still going!

Vintage Utopia, Clarendon Park. Closed down