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These Corgi Butt Buns Filled With Apple Jelly And Custard Are Going Viral

Bored Panda 2020-02-09 18:33:27

While some of us grew up knowing very well that we shouldn’t be playing with our food, others didn’t really heed the advice of our elders and did it anyway.

Sure, moms and dads meant well and wanted us to respect the food that they worked so hard to put on the family table. But little did they know that such tomfoolery could lead to their children growing up one day and becoming internet famous.

A bakery in Japan started making adorable corgi butt-shaped buns

The Utiwapayna Bakery has been playing with their food ever since they opened up shop in Sapporo, Japan. Their most famous creation—the corgi butt bun—has been going viral recently.

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ll know about its obsession with corgi butts. And you’ll likely know how corgis like to sploot—lie down on their bellies with their hind legs stretched outward—as if to show off their spectacular buns.

The poofy-looking buns are made from mochi and are stuffed with apple jam and custard

Well, Utiwapayna took this concept and made it into a bun. And it’s as adorable as you might imagine.

Once baked, the buns are as poofy as the actual buns of an actual corgi. Small details like the stumpy tail and the paw padding are also added. Incidentally, the color of the baked bread ideally corresponds to the red/orange shades that many corgis are born with.

Apart from the fluffy cheeks, the buns feature other fine details like the stumpy tail and paw padding

The corgi butt buns are made using mochi bread, which is comprised of glutinous rice flour and a handful of other ingredients that you’d typically see in confectionery. The buns are also filled with apple jam and custard. So they not only look good, but they’re also delicious!

The Utiwapayna Bakery has been baking cute confections for years now, with other creations being bread loaves in the shape of a puppy, and buns in the shape of cats, koalas, bears, and hedgehogs.

Utiwapayna has a long record of baking animal-shaped cuteness

The well-known breed of dogs are historically cattle herders and their name comes from Welsh for dwarf dog. Corgis are similar in shape and size to dwarf dobermans *cough*, I mean dachshunds. For people who want the best of both worlds, there’s a mixed breed of corgis and dachshunds called dorgis.

So if you’re planning a trip around Japan, stop by the Utiwapayna Bakery in Sapporo on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.

What other animal-shaped buns do you think should grace the world? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you haven’t had your fill of cute butts, here’s a Bored Panda article about cute hamster butts.

Here’s what the the internet thought of the corgi butt buns…

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