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A Hug and Birthday 'Gift': How Kejriwal, His Wife Are Changing Our Idea of 'Macho' Indian Politicians

NYOOOZ 2020-02-12 05:30:00

New Delhi: In 2015, the photograph that made headlines right after Arvind Kejriwal won the Delhi assembly elections was of him hugging his wife, Sunita Kejriwal.
Indian politicians believe, for some reason, that pulling off a Michelle and Barack Obama is a big 'no' to ensure their voters don't mistake their sincerity for a flaw.
This is when Kejriwal announced to his sea of supporters that it is his wife's birthday.
The remark was unexpected, how often do you hear a politician (or rather still a man) acknowledging their wife’s birthday in public?
After his historic win five years ago, Kejriwal had put his arms affectionately around Sunita and said, "This is my wife".