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AISION futuristic automatic watch inspired by UFOs

Geeky Gadgets 2020-02-14 16:25:15

A unique automatic watch has launched via Kickstarter this month in the form of the AISION, sporting a design inspired by UFOs. The AISION Automatic watch is now available via Kickstarter with early bird pledges from $359 or roughly €325 or £279 depending on your location.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around August 2020. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique design and features of the AISION automatic watch.

“The US Navy has finally acknowledged footage purported to show UFOs hurtling through the air. And while officials said they don’t know what the objects are, they’re not indulging any hints either. Humans will unveil the secret of UFO and Universe. In constant exploration, we will find that there is a delicate relationship between human beings, time and the universe. Human is entering the Space Age. Our life will be filled with more elements of the universe. Watches are no exception.”


“About the watch case, in order to make it look like a more like a UFO. We changed the crown to 12H position. The crown placed at the middle of the bezel and case. It looks more symmetrical and balance. We kept the double-domed glass and upgrade to sapphire crystal. Moreover, we added a lume O ring on the bezel. . AN-S03 designed according to AN-S01. In design, we have retained the characteristics of AN-S01. The appears more like an “Undefined Flying Object”. Moreover, AN-S03 was improved and upgraded in all aspects. For example, watch case, dial, movement, glass, etc.”

For more details, full specifications and a complete list of all available pledge options jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page by following the link below.