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Bajrang Dal Valentine's Day Memes Serving Treats for Singles on February 14! Check out the Funny Memes That You May Have Missed

Latestly 2020-02-14 18:33:38

Bajrang Dal valentine's Day Memes And Jokes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Happy Valentine's Day or shall we say, Bajrang Dal's anti-valentine's day morcha. If you are desi enough, you will know what exactly are we talking about. While for all the mushy couples, today is the day when they express the epitome of their love, however, for the Bajrang Dal it is a mission! A mission that includes scaring away couples making out in public or sometimes even getting them married, in the most humiliating manner in public. They are infamous for moral policing, especially on Valentine's day as they believe young couples are a "threat" to Indian culture and they promote western rituals. However, people fed up of this group have made the best memes out of Bajrang Dal. Anti-Valentine’s Day 2019: Funny Bajrang Dal Memes and Jokes That Are So Dank That It Is Crazy.

Right from poking fun at their Bhagwa attire and tika to how singles are planning to join Bajrang dal if they don't find a partner soon. LOL, there is no end to these funny Bajrang dal memes and jokes. And if you are done with all the mushiness of Valentine's day check out the best Bajrang Dal memes that we have collected for you! Valentine's Day Funny Memes and Jokes: From Bajrang Dal to Oyo Rooms for February 14 Memes, Check out Hilarious Posts, Especially If You Are Single.



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Have a happy and Bajrang Dal-free Valentine's Day you guys! Well, Bajrang dal memes are just one type, there are OYO Rooms memes, memes for singles on Valentine's day and also School/Tuition bunking memes and jokes.