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Happy Birthday Randhir Kapoor: 32 years of separation but no divorce?

Orissa Post 2020-02-14 18:20:28

Today is the birthday of Randhir Kapoor, the eldest son of actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor and grandson of actor Prithviraj Kapoor.

Popularly known as ‘Dabboo’, Randhir was born February 15, 1947 and first appeared on the big screen in Shree 420 as a child artist. His first role as a leading man was in Kal Aaj Aur Kal, which was released in 1971.

Soon, the actor went on to star in films like Jeet, Jawaani Deewani, among others. On Randhir’s 73rd birthday, here we bring you the reason of 32 years separation between Randhir and wife Babita Shivdasani.

Randhir started his career in the year 1971 and has acted in more than 100 films since then.

In 1969, Randhir was accompanying his father, Raj Kapoor on the sets of Sangam. Babita was also present there. The young Randhir fell in love with Babita then. They started meeting on the sets but two years into the relationship, Babita started worrying as it was the Kapoor family tradition that Kapoor ‘bahus’ cannot act in the films after marriage. So, she asked Randhir either to marry her or dump her.

Randhir introduced his lady love to father Raj Kapoor through a film but Raj Kapoor initially couldn’t agree to this relationship but later after realising his son’s love for Babita, the Kapoors gave in on the condition that Babita should quit acting after marriage.

Finally November 6, 1971, Randhir and Babita got married at the Kapoor residence. Babita had quit acting to marry her man.

Even Randhir’s career was going pretty well and in 1974, their first child, Karisma Kapoor was born. However, Randhir’s career started to see a downfall and by the 1980s, none of his films was doing well at the box-office.

In the year 1981, the financial woes started to take a toll on Randhir and Babita’s relationship. By the mid 1980s, Randhir was stamped as a flop hero. By that time, he had even started drinking more and didn’t take his acting seriously. And finally, in 1987, Babita decided to separate from Randhir. The news spread like wildfire and created uproar in media.

By 1988, Randhir went on to live with his parents and Babita stayed back with Karisma and Kareena in her apartment. Now, instead of moaning over her failed marriage, she remained strong for the next couple of years. Babita helped Karisma and Kareena in their careers and there was almost no contact between her and Randhir.

However, in the early-2000s, they started with little contact and eventually in 2007, after 19 years of separation; the life partners buried their differences and started off fresh again.

Even though the year 2007 came with a hope of reconciliation, 19 years of separation had completely changed Randhir and Babita’s personalities. They often meet each other. As of 2019, it’s been 32 years since Randhir and Babita got separated.

In a media interaction, at Babita’s 70th birthday party, Randhir revealed why the two haven’t divorced each other. He was quoted as saying:

“Divorce for what? Why should we head for divorce? I don’t intend to get married again, and nor does she. She found that I was a terrible man who drank a lot and came home late, which was something she didn’t like. And I didn’t want to live the way she wanted, and she couldn’t accept me as I am, though it was a love marriage. So it’s okay. We had two lovely children to look after. She brought them up in the best way and they have excelled in their career. What else I could have asked for as a father?”