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Snake with penis on head: Mum names snake ‘D*ckhead’ over scale pattern

The Advertiser 2020-03-06 10:05:00

There’s only one word to describe this corn snake (and it also happens to be his name).

D*ckhead – named for the NSFW scale pattern on his forehead – is the newest addition to one family from South Carolina and is already a social media star.

“My dad got a new corn snake the other day, and my mum cleverly named him D*ckhead …

Can anyone guess why?!” Craig Park shared in a Facebook post, along with some pictures of the new addition.

Facebook users went wild, with Craig’s post receiving over 4000 shares.

The family of avid snake lovers have kept a number of different reptiles over the years – from milk snakes to king snakes and even a 32-year-old ball python – but have seen none with D*ckhead’s very special pattern.

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Craig, a reptile enthusiast from South Carolina, told UNILAD his dad obliviously picked D*ckhead up from a reptile expo over the weekend.

“I don’t even think my father noticed the suggestive marking on the snake’s head until after my mum pointed it out,” he said.

Craig says despite his name, the family’s latest pet “ironically seems very sweet”.

“He gets along with the other snakes pretty well as well, which is good considering we got him to be the male breeder for a couple of our females,” he explained.

The father-and-son duo have been breeding snakes since Craig was in high school, experimenting with creating different morphs and colour patterns.

It remains to be seen whether D*ckhead’s distinctive markings can be replicated.

Originally published as Snake has outline of penis on its head