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Student accused professor of sexual abuse in Patna

News Track 2020-03-06 01:00:00

The case that has come up recently is from Patna. In this case, a professor has been accused of attempting to sexually abuse his student. Not only that, in her written complaint, the student has also complained of assaulting the professor for sexual abuse.

In this case, the police say that the matter has not reached the police station yet. According to the information received, a student of Patna University has accused his own professor of attempting to sexually abuse her and the student has submitted her written complaint to the college administration. In this case, the student has written in the written complaint, accusing the professor that 'Sir touches her repeatedly in a dirty way'.

Not only this, but it has also been said in the application that Professor has tried to misbehave by calling me in the Chamber several times. In this case, apart from all these, the student has also alleged that when Professor asked me to walk to his house one day, I refused. When I protested against the constant exploitation, he also beat me up. The student has made a written complaint to the college administration and till now the police have not received any news in this matter.