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3 easy ways to convince mom and dad to stay at home

cn traveler 2020-03-19 18:30:52
Don't berate. Instead, be kind, explain the facts and lend a hand. Representational photo: Deepak Sethi / iStock / Getty

The world is a curious place and one that the young and old respond and react to in very different ways. While the COVID-19 outbreak is creating new experiments in social distancing and work from home models, an equal number of Boomers are resisting what is fast becoming the new normal. 

The deadly triad of misinformation, disidentification, and general stubbornness as explained by journalist Anne Helen Peterson in her piece for Buzzfeed is one that could have a great cost. 

So how exactly does one convince mum or dad that the coronavirus is not just another seasonal flu?

Fuelled by rumours and fake news propagated on Facebook, Whatsapp and a sense of fatalism about having survived worse, this is fast becoming a question many of us need to grapple with.

Social distancing is a challenge for all but even harder for the elderly both in terms of logistics and from a mental health perspective. So be kind, explain the facts and figures and lend a helping hand. Here is a short primer with three links that will hopefully make Dad and Mum sit tight and hunker down until the worst is over. 


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This simple animation called Safety Match by artist couple Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre is beautiful, succinct and to the point. A fast-spreading conflagration is stopped by an animated matchstick that steps out. The message is simple, stay away from people and help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Harry Stevens, the graphics reporter for The Washington Post has created a wonderful data simulation that explains the exponential spread of COVID-19 and how to flatten the curve. His visualisation of a fake disease called ‘simulitis’ and its spread through a town is rendered through colorful bouncing balls. The takeaway is one that effectively highlights the effectiveness of social distancing. Check it out here.


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