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Milk suppliers appeal Div Admin to ensure smooth movement of milk vans

Kashmir News Services 2020-03-26 05:30:00

Srinagar, Mar 26 (KNS): Amid precautionary restrictions imposed by administration to keep COVID-19 away, several milk supply units on Thursday appealed divisional administration to facilitate their movement and issue special passes to them so that they will ensure milk supply to hospitals and other essential installations smoothly.
Talking to Kashmir News service (KNS), several milk supply dealers said they are unable to move outside for facilitating essential supply to consumers. They added from couple of days, milk delivery vans are stuck in factories as police and other forces are not allowing them to
move other places.
“Milk supply is among the essential services as it needs people on daily basis. Without it people suffers a lot. So excluding the supply from essential services is “injustice” and “illogical” decision”, amilk supplier unit told KNS.
Another supplier while talking to phone said, “Authorities should ensure free movement of milk supplying vans to hospitals and other installations where hundreds of people have been stuck due to current situation”.
“Hundreds of patients and attendants stuck at LD, SKIMS, SMHS and other private nursing homes are without essential services as markets outside these installations are completely shut. They are without milk and other essential commodities which affected their health badly”, he
He further said that though some milk suppliers tried to mobilize their supply but due to restrictions imposed amid COVID-19, several van drivers were detained at several places across Kashmir.
They appealed divisional administration to take measures on compassionate grounds and ensure their smooth movement to medical facilities at least where hundreds of patients and attendants are without essential services.
When KNS contacted top official of the district administration, he said authorities imposed restriction and other measures for the wellbeing of community and every walk of life should act upon these measures.
However he maintained that the district administration will review the overall situation and a decision about the supply of milk to hospitals and other places will be taken soon.
When asked about the demand of issuing special passes to milk suppliers, he said all things will be taken into account in the meeting. (KNS)