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Jennifer Aniston's hair colourist REVEALS how to perfectly colour hair at home

Pinkvilla 2020-03-26 18:36:47

Now that the Coronavirus pandemic has hit, hair salons are shut all over the world. Here's how you can ensure your hair looks gorgeous when you're ready to head out into the world.

The time has come to take beauty into our own hands. With the coronavirus Pandemic hitting every sector across the world, there is literally no other option left today. But it is not just us, celebrities too seem to be taking matters into their own hands - styling themselves in loungewear, ensuring their skin remains flawless and more at home. Leading ladies in Hollywood including Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, Penelope Cruz and more who get their hair done by popular colourist Michael Canale and are known for their flawless, lustrous and glossy mane, are also managing things on their own. 

The colourist exclusively told Page Six Style how she makes sure her top A-list clients manage to do a good job while at home. 

For the time being, Michael recommends using semi-permanent hair dyes. "Get rid of the grey, play around with some red tones, have some fun with it knowing it's not permanent," he recommended as to what once can do until salons open up again. 

(Penelope Cruz)

When it comes to closing the right colour, Michael suggests sticking to the natural base colour. "You're just tinting it a bit. You also want to go two shades lighter around the hairline, which naturally picks up colour," he says and recommends that if you are going for a lighter brown for your hair, your hairline should be in a darker blonde shade. 


With almost the entire world practicing social distancing, the colourist also suggests letting your hair breathe and pampering it while you can. "Add oils like organ to your conditioner," Michael told Page Six Style, recommending that if one uses a tablespoon of conditioner three to five drops of organ oil makes for a good combination. Michael also went on to suggest a hot oil treatment. "Let it sit for three or four hours, using 10 to 20 drops of oil for each tablespoon of conditioner. 

The goal, according to the ace colourist, is to ensure the hair remains conditioned and healthy while maintaining its colour and not changing it completely out of boredom. 

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