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Skincare: Lavender to Rose: 5 essential oils and ALL the things they help with

Pinkvilla 2020-03-26 18:36:45

Extracted from plants, these oils have a number of benefits and are even therapeutic!

Essential oils are oils that are mainly extracted from plants and have been used in everything from medicine, perfumes, cosmetics, food and even aromatherapy. They are known to consist of the 'essence' or taste/odour of the plant. They are also backed up by science and have therapeutic uses to them including antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

They are usually applied to the skin while some are even consumed orally.

Obtained from the Lavender flowers, this essential oil is all about calming one down. It is great for everything from promoting concentration to improving sleep quality. The scent of lavender is also effective in countering anxiety. It also comes with beauty benefits like encouraging hair regrowth. 

Derived from the Jojoba shrub, this oil is known to help in healing wounds. It is not a volatile oil but has multiple benefits for the skin. Applying this oil helps in reducing acne, closing up the open tissue and healing the skin. 

Like the scent of the flower, the scent of the oil too is known to install a sense of calmness. Rose oil also helps the body fight against harmful organisms. 

Again, derived from the sweet-smelling jasmine flowers, it is known to have a stimulating effect on people. It increases alertness in people and their breathing rate. Overall, it helps in uplifting one's mood and imbibes a sense of better well-being. 

Obtained from the Pomegranate seeds, this oil contains a fatty acid. Continuous use of this oil, though not proved, may delay the development of colon and skin cancer! It is also known to radically enhance the immune system. 

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