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Fact Check: Did Kanika Kapoor infect Prince Charles with Coronavirus?

IBTimes India 2020-03-26 17:00:41

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been facing the wrath of people's aggression after she was tested positive of having COVID-19 infection. She has been kept under isolation in a hospital in Lucknow. It was recently reported that Prince Charles has also been tested positive with the virus and people have been blaming Kanika for transfering the coronavirus to the Prince of Wales.

A few pictures have surfaced online wherein Kanika Kapoor can be seen greeting Prince Charles at an event. The two can be seen exchanging handshakes and interacting with each other. The pictures have now gone viral on the internet. People believe that Prince Charles got infected with the virus after he came in close contact with Kanika Kapoor. But did he?

No, Prince Charles didn't get infected from Kanika Kapoor. The pictures that have been doing the rounds of social media are from a royal event which took place in 2015. The event was named as 'Travels to my Elephants' was hosted by Prince Charles and wife Camillia, Duchess of Cornwall.

Meanwhile, Kanika has been tested positive of having coronavirus for the third time after her parents raised doubts about her reports. The singer's friend, who had gone missing, was nabbed the police and has been tested negative. In fact, all of the 260 people Kanika met were tested negative.

Before she was tested for the virus, Kanika attended high profile parties putting numerous guests at risk. She had also hidden her travel history from authorities which got her booked for negligence.

Celebrities and public alike questioned her actions, for not taking responsibility and self-quarantining. She also stirred new controversies when she alleged that the hospital she was in was not taking good care of her. The hospital in response to her accusations sent a strongly-worded message about not behaving like a star and that there had been no compromise in her care. Ever since her diagnosis, the singer has been attracting heavy criticism for her actions and behaviour.

It is not clear from whom the Prince contracted the infection, although it is known that he may have contracted it because of the high number of public engagements he has made in recent weeks.

More than 150 countries are reportedly affected by coronavirus. According to statistics from John Hopkins University, 4.38,000 people worldwide have been diagnosed and more than 20,000 people have died and in India the death toll has raised to 13 as per the latest reports.

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Fact Check: Did Kanika Kapoor infect Prince Charles with Coronavirus?

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