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'BBC Dad' returns on LIVE TV, speaks with news anchor while his daughter musses his hair

India TV News 2020-03-26 18:43:37

We all know 'BBC Dad', the man who was speaking LIVE with BBC in his house via video conferencing when his children burst into the room. We remember him trying to be professional while his children ensured that a formal interaction turned into a chaotic but funny incident. Well he was back on BBC and guess what, his children and wife was part of theh LIVE interaction.

BBC dad, or Professor Robert Kelly works in South Korea, a country majorly hit by coronavirus. BBC had contacted Professor Kelly again to know how he was working from home in the face of coronavirus pandemic. But he was not alone this time. He was accompanied by his wife Jung Kim and his kids Marion and James.

The kids were restless as any kid below 5 years of age would be. They jumped on their chairs, hugged their parents while they were speaking with the BBC anchor on LIVE television. Kelly's daughter even try to muss his well-groomed hair while he was speaking with BBC anchor.

Both Kelly and his wife were amused but not irritated from the start. But so active were their lovely kids that Kelly couldn't help but to gesture his daughter that he was on LIVE television. Kelly's daughter was trying to change his hairstyle at the time. 

Both of them spoke about challenges working from home has thrown up in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.