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Someone Told This Guy That Ladies Will Find Him More Attractive If He Posted Pics With Filters, Here's The Result

Bored Panda 2020-05-20 15:56:20

Dating can be hard and finding true love is tough. Even in 2020 when the world seems like it’s ending: we almost had World War 3 break out, the forests of Australia were on fire, Brexit keeps on Brexiting, and we’re living in a timeline where there’s a global pandemic. With all of this ‘the end is nigh’ stuff going on, you’d think that people would be getting together left, right, and center. Unfortunately, some people are still finding it difficult to get a date.

Glenn Embrey went viral on Facebook when he posted a set of hilarious photos that took us and a lot of internet users completely by surprise. He said that somebody told him that the ladies would find him more attractive if he posted pics with filters. Glenn made us all laugh when he purposefully took the advice literally. He posted photos of himself holding filters. Like, actual filters. Yeah. That’s right—not digital app filters but real-life filters.

Glenn’s pics went viral and got more than 37k reactions and over 10k comments on his Facebook wall. What’s more, over 113k people shared his post and it then spread beyond Facebook into the wilds of the internet.

Meet Glenn. Somebody told him that the ladies would find him more attractive if he posted pics with filters…

…so that’s what he did. Here’s him holding a whole bunch of actual filters

You’re probably curious about what filters Glenn’s holding, just like some internet users were. They had a lot of fun trying to determine what exactly Glenn was posing with. Their best guesses are that he’s got coffee, oil, fuel, and air filters.

But let’s jump into the topic of digital filters for a moment. While we all want to look picture-perfect on the net (especially if our romantic life depends on it), some people believe that using filters is a bit dishonest. However, a lot of people do it and the exact amount varies from individual to individual.

For example, Brande Victorian writes on Hinge IRL that “29 percent of men and 32 percent of women admit to editing the photos on their dating profiles—either with Photoshop, Facetune, or by using filters.” But how many people upload pics where they’re holding actual filters? As far as we know, just Glenn and filter salespeople. Looks like Glenn’s carved out a niche in the dating world for himself.

People thought that Glenn’s photos were amazing

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