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Dolphin Brings Humans Gifts From The Bottom Of The Ocean In Exchange For Food

Bored Panda 2020-05-20 18:44:14

Dolphins are known as one of the smartest ocean creatures. They’re known to be able to build complex relationships, invent novel behaviors, and use both verbal and gestural signs to communicate with each other.

But the humpback dolphin named Mystique is taking the intelligence of this aquatic mammal to a whole new level. Look, nobody is immune to a nice gift. Mystique knows that very well. In fact, the adorable 29-year-old male dolphin is showering the volunteers of the dolphin feeding center on Queensland’s Cooloola Coast with luxury ocean goodies. From beautiful corals and shells to aged bottles from who knows what era, Mystique’s findings have dubbed him an avid treasure hunter. And that’s how the boy gets awarded with delicious fish. I mean, you gotta make a living somehow!

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Mystique the dolphin is showering volunteers at Barnacles Center with ocean goodies in return for a treat

The boy has been missing all the attention from visitors since the center has closed for quarantine

He is the only dolphin in his pod of seven who brings gifts regularly

Coral, bottles, and shells are among the luxurious ocean goodies the dolphin treats workers with

The video shows Mystique bringing in yet another treasure for his feeders

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