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Visakhapatnam: Migrant workers complain of bad quality food at quarantine centre

Hans India 2020-05-22 00:14:08
Migrant workers cooking meal with limited ingredients available at Gummakota Panchayati Residential School under Anantagiri Mandal in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam: Is it possible to cook 2 kg of dal for over 200 persons? Though it is not possible, those who have been kept under quarantine at Gummakota Panchayati Residential School are left with no other choice than to make do with the quantity available.

Sans any curry and vegetables, they have been fed with diluted dal mixed with tamarind pulp for the past one week.

The migrant workers, who were engaged as daily wage earners at the brick manufacturers located in Kolluru near Tenali, reached Anantagiri Mandal, their hometown, via buses a week ago.

According to the government menu, they are supposed to be served with a cyclic menu that includes idli, poori, water bottle, tea or coffee for breakfast, rice, dal, curry, sambar or rasam, buttermilk and egg for lunch followed by rice, dal, curry, rasam, buttermilk and a fruit for dinner.

However, ever since their arrival, they have been served with fried 'batani' (fried chickpeas) for breakfast, rice and rasam for lunch and also for dinner.

"We are left with no other choice than to fill our stomach with rice and watery-dal which they call as 'rasam.' There is no buttermilk or egg or fruit or any other curry along with the rice.

When we checked in the kitchen, we are shocked to see just 2 kg of dal to cook for 200 people staying at the centre," says Pollayya, a migrant worker, at the quarantine centre.

Another person quarantined at the school adds, "There are about 18 children aged between six months and 10 years at the centre.

But we are unable to give them milk or buttermilk. Even the lunch and dinner, we are not able to eat properly.

Though we have sufficient amount of rice, there is no accompaniment that could go along with the rice except rasam," rues a mother, who has been quarantined at the campus.

While the neighbouring quarantine centres in Agency areas as well as several others in the urban area provide quality food to those who have been quarantined, the migrant workers at Gummakota Residential School hope that the officials concerned would come to their aid and resolve their problem.