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20 Genius and Problem-Solving Products For Anyone Who Has a Cat

Pop Sugar 2020-05-22 00:25:03

I've had a cat pretty much my entire life. My childhood cat even lived for 22 years, so having one around is something I'm used to. I recently adopted a new kitten, and it has been a very different experience for one reason: I don't live with my parents anymore. I have to admit, growing up and having a pet, my parents did pretty much all of the grunt work (which they'll never let me forget). Now adding a kitten to my own apartment has been a huge change for me as an adult.

Since we've adopted him, my boyfriend and I have had to purchase a number of things to adjust to our new life. We live in a small apartment and needed a few new things around the home to protect our furniture and keep things tidy. We've also tested and tried tons of food, toys, and other kitten necessities and discovered our favorite picks. From cat trees to an air purifier and even pet-friendly plants, these things have made our day-to-day so much easier. Whether you're adding a new cat to your home or looking to treat yours, you can shop my 20 favorites products ahead.