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Hyderabad: SCRMU decries anti-labour policies

Hans India 2020-05-22 23:31:40
South Central Railway Mazdoor Union decries anti-labour policies

Hyderabad: As a part of the nationwide protest, called by the major central trade unions, a demonstration was held by the South Central Railway Mazdoor Union in front of the Sanchalan Bhavan on Friday.

The employees raised slogans against the anti-labour policies of the Central government. They urged the government to take proper care of the migrant labourers and the daily wage employees.

They protested against the suspension of labour laws by the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh State governments. The employees raised slogans against the increase in the working hours from 8 to 12 hours.

K Shiva Kumar, Assistant General Secretary, demanded free ration to all the unorganised workers and release of food grains from the FCI godown.

Protesting against freezing of DA of Central government employees, he demanded that all workers in India should be paid full wages during the lockdown.

The workers also demanded that the government take care of the working class during the current pandemic.