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Dil Dosti Aur Dance show coming soon in new style

News Track 2020-05-23 05:53:00

Everyone has ever seen the show Dil Dosti and Dance. The story of the show used to be better, dance was also seen as a top class. The lockdown is on, everyone is missing such shows a lot. The good news has come out for such viewers because now Dil Dosti and Dance are being shown in a completely new style and with a different style. You can now enjoy new shows on Instagram in the world of social media. Dil Dosti Dance can also be seen on Instagram's IGTV. Shooting continues in this lockdown as well. All the characters are living in their homes and shooting fresh scenes from their mobiles. This is not a new season of the serial, nor will it be seen on Channel V. Rather, in this lockdown, the serial's creative Palki Malhotra has tried something new for the fans of Dil, Dosti and Dance. The D3 has been re-iterated in 2020.

Recently the new title track of D3 was released on Instagram IGTV in which Reyansh, Sharon, Swayam, Shivam, Vicky, Simmi and all the other characters are with each other but staying away from each other. Aaj Tak has talked to Vrishika Mehta, the artist of Dil Dosti Dance Show, about the telecast of the show again. Our creatives, Palki Madam, gave this idea to them, in which they asked each of the two partners to coordinate and dance together. This is done by planning shot to shot. We all enjoyed it very much. After a long time, we became part of a proper dance video and more than that, we danced to the title track of D3, but this track is the new version and it was nice to see everyone, now everyone is more mature than that time. Everyone is shooting from their respective homes, this is a challenge for everyone, no one will have anyone to record, there will be difficulties, but everyone wanted a good video for their fans. So we just tried and our effort is paying off. Our episodes are coming on lockdown on Instagram IGTV, you can see all of us by going to accounts.

Five episodes have already arrived and very soon a sixth episode will also come, which will go to all of us on Instagram. It showed that after 2015, the life of all of us has been completely changed, a lot of twists and turns have come, the boys who are special, our show, they have absolutely no recollection of how time has passed after 2015 and we will be 2020. Arrived at Sharon has become Vicky's girlfriend, Simmi and herself have become a couple, while there is no idea what is happening in Reyansh's life. This is all new, there is no drama, there is college romance. We are trying to do something new by staying in our homes. If this happens, it will be fun. I was watching Hotstar on a few episodes and a lot of memories came back after watching. All of us were very passionate towards dance. If it is telecasted back then it will be a matter of great happiness for all of us. There are also many fans associated with us who will be able to see the heart, friendship and dance from back then. The serial Dil, Dosti and Dance, ran from 2011 to 2016 on Channel V. It was a dance-based serial whose story revolves around the love and friendship of Reyansh, Kriya, Swayam, Sharon and their entire group, who have a passion for dance. This serial made all the youth crazy about dance.