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A new chapter in the life of Ram-Sita-Laxman started

News Track 2020-05-23 05:56:00

People are enjoying Ramayana a lot in lockdown. After Doordarshan, it is coming on Star Plus and in this episode of Ramayana till now you have seen that Bharat begs his elder brother Ram to go back to Ayodhya. At the same time, Mother Kaikayi also apologizes to Ram. But Rama says that if he returns to Ayodhya then the promise given by father Dasharatha will be broken. They also ask Mata Kaikeyi to allow them to follow the path of religion. While returning to Ayodhya, Bharat takes the blessings of his brother Ram by placing him on the foot paduka throne and tells the people that the king of Ayodhya is Shri Ram, but to fulfill the promise of fatherhood, Shri Ram will return only after 14 years of exile. Till then, Bharat will take over the throne of a servant in the absence of Raja Ram, protecting this people and Ayodhya. Taking the blessings of Gurudev in front of Bharat Sabha, they say that now they too will spend their ascetic life in Nandigram and will live in a hut there. At the same time, how can the king who is in the forest take all the comforts of the palace.

Therefore, now Bharata will also lead an ascetic life and perform his duty. Bharat comes to meet Urmila and apologizes to her. Because he did not take Urmila with him in the forest. Bharata went to assure him that he would bring Sri Ram, Sita and Lakshmana together, but could not bring him and due to this Urmila lost an opportunity to meet Laxman. After this, Bharat is supposed to take orders from mother Kaushalya to go to Nandigram. Mata Kaushalya instructs Bharata to go to Nandigram and says that she should perform her sevadharma well, and with the blessings of Shri Ram's Charan Paduka placed on the Raj Singhasan, Bharat leaves towards Nandigram and at the same time wearing ascetic clothes. Let's do it. Bharati's wife comes to meet him in Nandigram and says that I too will join you in this rigorous ordeal and demand the right to serve Bharata and pray for an ascetic life with Bharata. Apart from this, Bharata refuses to do this to his wife and says that he should perform his duty and serve Mata Kaushalya while staying in the palace.

Apart from this, in Chitrakoot, Shriram, Sita and Lakshman tell their Maharishi to leave their hut and go to other places and also say that Bharat or Ayodhya should not come here for us again, so we have to leave from here. For your information, let us know that in Nandigram, mother Kaikayi comes to meet her son Bharata. Kaikeyi, on the other hand, pleads with Bharat that he calls her not a queen but a mother. But angry Bharat tells Kaikayi that my mother is dead. At the same time, Maharani Kaikeyi tells Bharata that she too wants to live the life of an ascetic while living in Nandigram. But Bharata tells Kaikeyi a good sob and does not listen to him. At the same time, Queen Kaikeyi pleads with her son, but Bharata tells Kaikeyi that you must burn in the fire of repentance everyday. Disappointed, Rani Kaikayi returns to Ayodhya. While returning to the palace, Kaikeyi starts laughing loudly and says that Queen Kaikeyi immortalized her name in history.