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Uniform justice will have to be one, to investigate the country's 'tragic failures': George Bush on Floyd's death

The India Print 2020-06-03 12:47:03

Former US President George W. Bush has called on Americans to investigate the country's 'tragic failures' and to collectively move forward for justice. Violent protests erupted in the US over the murder of an African-American man, where the former US president has now also given statements on it.

On May 25 in Minneapolis, a white police officer briefly stabbed George Floyd's neck with his knee, leading to his death. Violent protests erupted in the US after his death in which at least five people died and more than 4000 people were arrested and billions of dollars worth of property was damaged.

George Bush said that he and his wife, Laura, 'are troubled by injustice and we fear it will destabilize our country.' Bush said in a statement on Tuesday that he does not think it is time for him to speak, rather it is time for him to listen. He said that he feels peaceful marches are right for the country. "It is astonishing failure that many African-Americans, especially the youth, are tortured and intimidated in their own country," the statement said.

He said that it is time for America to look into its tragic failures. The only way to look inside ourselves is to hear the voices of those who are unhappy. Those who try to silence those voices do not know the meaning of America.

Meanwhile, thousands of people marched peacefully in Houston wearing masks and chanting 'Black lives matter' to pay tribute to 46-year-old Floyd. Over 60,000 people marched from Discovery Green Park to City Hall in the scorching heat, chanting 'Hands up, don't shoot' and 'No justice, no peace'. It also included 16 members of Floyd's family.