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How baby breathes in the mother's womb

News Crab 2020-06-03 12:48:52
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There are many things about the development of the baby during pregnancy, which very few people know about. One of these is how the baby breathes in the womb.

How the fetus breathes in the mother's womb The fetus needs oxygen to develop at the beginning of infancy, but tell you that the baby does not start breathing until it is born. He takes his first breath only after being born. This means that the baby does not breathe inside the mother's womb. Then how does the embryo live without breathing and how does it develop.

Let's know about the answers to some similar questions related to the breathing of the baby in the womb.

How baby breathes for nine months

Lungs begin to develop in the early stages of pregnancy but do not develop fully until the third trimester of pregnancy. Between the 24th week and the 36th week of pregnancy, the lungs start making alveoli. It is a small lung sac that is filled with oxygen. Until the sac is fully developed, the baby may have trouble breathing after birth.

Pregnant women often worry about the way the baby breathes, and this concern is increased when the baby comes to the womb. Let us tell you that while living in the womb, it breathes through the umbilical cord.

Breathing through the umbilical cord

After 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, the umbilical cord develops to deliver oxygen to the fetus. These placentae are attached to the placenta or placenta and it is only through the umbilical cord that the fetus gets the necessary nutrients. There are many blood vessels in the umbilical cord and placenta and develop continuously during the nine months of pregnancy.

The umbilical cord and placenta together carry nutrition from mother to baby. They also supply the oxygen-rich blood needed for the baby's development. This means that the mother breathes for the baby during pregnancy and the oxygen present in the mother's blood enters the baby's blood.

Breathing during delivery and after birth

At birth, the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck of some children. This condition is called a nuchal cord and occurs in 12 to 37 percent of cases. In most cases, there is no problem because of this, because in this case, the umbilical cord is giving oxygen to the baby.

On the other hand, if the umbilical cord is tightly wrapped around the neck of the baby, then oxygen supply in the placenta may be limited or obstructed. During delivery, doctors check the position of the knuckle cord.

The baby breathes for the first time in a new environment after birth. After birth, the child breathes its first breath when exposed to amniotic fluid deficiency and exposure to air. Some children make their first potty during delivery. The baby's first potty is called meconium. After birth and trying to breathe for a few seconds before birth, a child can take meconium inside. It can affect your baby's ability to breathe after birth. Therefore, it is important to be treated immediately.

What happens when you breathe for the first time

The child breathes through the nose for the first time within the first 10 seconds after delivery. When you breathe for the first time, there is a gasping sound. This is because the baby's small lungs are filled with fluid.

Babies first breathe out the trapped fluid in the respiratory tract when breathing for the first time. This activates their respiratory system. The whole process of breathing is new for the lungs and nose of a child, so it is normal for them to sneeze or pee when breathing.

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