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George Floyd Death: Police chief says - more than 2,700 arrested in Los Angeles so far

The India Print 2020-06-03 12:47:56

More than 2,700 people have been arrested since protests and violence began in Los Angeles in response to George Floyd's death. Chief Mitchell Moore told the city's Police Commission on Tuesday that about 2,500 of those arrests were captured due to gathering and violating curfews. Let me tell you that a big demonstration took place in the Hollywood area on the streets in front of police and National Guard contingents, which is expected to continue further.

Earlier, pictures of policemen from several cities of America sitting on their knees in front of crowds have been revealed. Through this, they are indicating support to angry people in the fight to get justice for George. Other major cities, including San Francisco and San Diego, are also quiet at the moment. However, Los Angeles County announced that its 10 million residents would again remain indoors under curfew from 6pm. Other courts around the state also renewed the curfew.

Moore said on Monday that the full effect of the curfew on police capacity in Los Angeles and other areas of the city was evident until Sunday night. On Monday, violence and theft cases were not as many as before, while shops were destroyed, police vehicles were set on fire and officers were injured. In Sacramento, where two-thirds of the city's businesses were damaged over the weekend, 500 National Guard troops were deployed and the city imposed a curfew Monday night.

Most of the demonstrations were peaceful and sympathized by law enforcement. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco knelt at the behest of the protesters. In Los Angeles, US Attorney Nick Hanna helped the FBI identify serious crime, saying we support those who want to perform peacefully. San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit said Floyd's death prompted him to revamp the department's policy and discontinue the use of a controversial neck pressing.

Let us know that after the death of black man George Floyd in America, violent protests are continuing against the police department. Many big cities of the country are burning in the fire of violence and thousands of people have been detained. People are on the streets and accused of discrimination against the murder of African-American man George Floyd in the largest city of Minneapolis in the US state of Minnesota. A 46-year-old black man died in Minneapolis police custody. A white officer knelt on his neck during his arrest as he pleaded that he could not breathe. The incident came to light in a video shared online.