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Is your friendship turning into love? Here's how to find out

Pinkvilla 2020-06-29 20:15:58

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in this world. But often this bonding turns into a commitment and two friends fall in love with each other. So, what are the ways to be sure about that?

Sometimes people fall in love at an absolutely unexpected time and with an unexpected person. They cannot even understand when that happens. But the realisation comes when you have already fallen in love with that person. One of the most common examples of such a relationship is when friendship turns into love.

We may have a great friend in our life who is always there to listen and stand with us. But what if this beautiful friendship turns into a serious commitment? This is quite normal and can happen to you as well. But how do you understand if this is happening? So, that’s why we have shared certain signs that can help you to understand if your friendship is really turning into love.

How to tell if your friendship is turning into a serious commitment?

Body language

Body language can surely tell if someone is romantically interested in someone. Try to observe your friend’s body language and then see if you are copying them. This is called as mirroring. According to dating gurus, mirroring is imitating another person’s movement and style.

Biological changes

If you are falling in love with your friend, then you will think about him throughout the day. There will be some biological changes in you also like loss of appetite, lack of concentration, etc. You will literally daydream about him.

Feeling jealous

If you are having a crush on your friend, then you will feel jealous if someone else is trying to flirt with him. This is the most common feelings that we all tend to experience.

You are conscious

Earlier when you two used to hand out with each other, you didn’t bother about your looks or the behaviour or the way you spoke. But now, there is always a tension in you. You are super conscious in front of him about your looks, dressing, eating style, walking, talking, etc.

It’s always him in your conversation

He is constantly on your mind, so you cannot stop thinking about him as well. You mention his name as and when you get any chance.

The feeling is mutual

If the feeling is mutual, then your friend will also behave differently without any apparent reason. You two will try to find an excuse to spend time with each other than you normally do.

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