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Is your dog diabetic? Follow THESE tips to give him a healthy lifestyle

Pinkvilla 2020-06-29 20:15:58

Dogs can also be diagnosed with diabetes. So, they also need to be put on a strict diet for this issue. Here, we have given some tips for you to give your dog a healthy lifestyle to stay fit.

If your dog has diabetes then this article is for you. Yes, dogs can also have diabetes and their diet plan should be made with a lot of care to just keep their blood sugar levels in track. This has to be done so that your dog will be safe from any diabetes-related disease like vision-clouding characters, urinary tract infections, etc.

So, what are the things that dog owners should keep in mind for their diabetic dog? First of all, never stop consulting your vet for this issue. Apart from that, you can also take some good care of him or her by creating a nutritional diet plan. Read on to know more about this.

What should you do for your dogs with diabetes?

Foods for dogs with diabetes

Your vet will decide how many calories your dog should have per day based on his or her weight and activity level. Then you have to keep an eye on their eating habits accordingly. Generally, dogs with diabetes are given a high-fibre and low-fat diet. Fibre prevents the entrance of glucose in the bloodstream and low-fat foods have fewer calories. And these two help them to lose weight together.

But make sure your dog drinks plenty of water because the fibre takes water from the body which may result in constipation in your dog.

What kind of foods should your dog be eating in diabetes? The veterinarians will decide that. They will either prescribe some special dog foods or advise to make nutritional foods at home for him. Whatever the food is, your dog should eat it properly to stay healthy. If he or she is not eating it, then maybe there is some problem. So, don’t avoid consulting your vet for it. But you can take help from these tips to feed your dog:

Stir a tbsp of canned food in his regular food.

Scatter shredded chicken or scrambled eggs into his kibble.

Add one tbsp of low-sodium chicken broth in his dry foods.

In this strict diet, he is not at all allowed to have any snacks as treats. So, you can give him homemade carrots, snap peas, pumpkin, etc.

Timing for food

The body constantly processes food and insulin between meals and injections. So, you have to properly balance these two. Generally, dogs are good with 2-3 meals per day. And injections should also be given every 12 hours. So, talk to your veterinarian about the timing.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is the most essential thing for your dog to stay fit in diabetes. And it is also advisable to provide the same amount of exercise everyday within the same time limit. Don’t opt for any vigorous exercises occasionally because that may cause low blood sugar levels.

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