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Man slides inside tiny hole with help of others to rescue goat. ‘It takes guts,’ say people

Mangalore Today 2020-06-30 13:25:41

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New Delhi, June 30, 2020:    When a goat got stuck inside a hole in a field, a group of men used their “grit, determination, teamwork, and courage” to rescue the animal. Now, a video of that daring rescue has left people amazed and they can’t stop applauding the men.


Though old, the video has again piqued people’s interest after being shared on Twitter. Hardi Singh, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Assam Police, recently shared the video with a praiseful caption. “Desi style rescue! Grit, determination, team work, and courage,” Singh wrote. Then he urged people to see the video till the end.

The video opens with a group of men standing around a small hole in the ground. Within moments, a man from the group slides inside the hole as others hold his leg to support him. At one point the man almost entirely vanishes inside the hole with just his legs sticking out. However, the hard work pays off as the man eventually pulls the animal out of the hole. The video ends with the goat running away and the men cheering with smiles on the faces.

With close to 1.2 lakh views, the video sparked various comments from people.

“It is brilliant,” wrote a Twitter user. “Beautiful to watch! Takes guts!!” expressed another. “Would need lot of courage for sure. People with claustrophobic can’t even imagine being there,” tweeted a third. “Bravo! The world needs more people like you guys. Thank you for making this world a bit kinder,” commented a fourth. “True humanity,” wrote a fifth.

Though happy, some didn’t agree with the method used by the men to rescue the goat. Expressing the same one Twitter user wrote, “But this is not the right way. Shouldn’t be encouraged.”