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Madhya Pradesh Rape case body dump Latest updates, videos

Dekh News 2020-07-24 17:25:32

Two Men Rape 3-Year Old , Dump Body In Lake After Killing Her In Madhya pradesh :

One of the vulgar crime is rape and this the worst thing in everywhere few people lost their kindness towards the humanity and they show their venom which stays in their inside as all know that the few people has sugar on their lips but venom their inside, that’s why no one is safe because this type of venoms can see anywhere. now the girl child also victims of rape cases, because this the terrible for everyone who will hear this type of news these people who do this type of crime are more animal than a wild animal.  which is really very shameful.

the one rape case found in Madhya Pradesh by the police. two men rape a 3-year-old girl and dump body in the lake after killing .the three-year-olds body in a plastic bag and threw it into Chhota Mahadev reservoir.this the heinous crime.

Chhindwara: the rape was done by 2 men and killed her in chhindwara at Madhya Pradesh .this what the said by police today and the culprits have been arrested. and the rape case with a child is like the saddest thing but it’s all about the mentality of them who do this type of crime. this is the reason behind that the parents always worry about their child because day-by-day we can hear this type of crime.

the chief minister of mp Mr.shivraj Singh Chouhan has conducted that the police to fast -track in the case and ascertain that the culprits get the death sentence .said an official release in the Madhya Pradesh at chhindwara the was enjoying her free time in the playing in front of her house when she was kidnapped by the kidnappers. after that the body of the three-year-old girl child was found in the lake after three days the postmortem declared that she had been raped, the official said.

after the investigation . two people arrested by the police the name of one is Ritesh Singh dhurve ,22, and dhanpal 21 on Tuesday. the both of them confessed to the one of the culprit the gurl giving her 10 rupees . and taken her to his house where the both of them raped her later that the culprit killed her .and  pack her body in a plastic bag and threw it into the Chhota Mahadev cistern. officially said by police.