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NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Launch Live Streaming Details on July 30 With Time in IST: Know All About #CountdowntoMars and How to Watch The Launch Online | 🔬 LatestLY

Latestly 2020-07-30 07:56:55

The search for life on the red planet will continue once again as NASA is set to launch its Perseverance Rover today at 7.50 EDT. The car-sized rover will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet. Weighing about 2,260 pounds (1,025 kilograms) this device will search for signs of past microbial life in the astrobiology mission. It will characterise the planet's climate and geology, collect samples for a future return to Earth. The much-anticipated launch takes place today and Nasa has begun its #CountdowntoMars on Twitter to celebrate the launch. We tell you all the details about how you can watch it all live from the comfort of your home. Read on for the date, timings in IST and where to watch the launch. NASA's Perseverance Rover Will Take Names of 11 Million People to Mars.

The Perseverance Rover will launch from Space Launch Complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 7:50 a.m. EDT (1150 GMT). The launch may change if the weather does not permit. But if all goes well, the Mars 2020 mission will land the robotic explorer on the Martian soil on February 18, 2021, after a six month of travel time. It will land in Jezero Crater on the red planet. NASA's Perseverance Rover Will Look at Mars Through These 'Eyes'.

How to Watch Perseravance Rover Launch Live Streaming?

With such a major event, NASA is covering it widely on all social media platforms. The updates leading up to the launch have already begun on Twitter with #CountdowntoMars. NASA TV coverage begins at 7 am ET (4.30 PM IST). You can also watch it on their Facebook page or YouTube channel. Click here for NASA Live.

Check Video For Perseravance Rover Live:

The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is part of a larger program that includes missions to the Moon as a way to prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet. This will become NASA’s fifth rover to explore the red planet, the last one was “Curiosity” which sends us selfies of the Martian space among many other details of the red planet.

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