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CM Gehlot's appeal to PM, says, 'PM Modi should stop ongoing spectacle in Rajasthan'

News Track 2020-08-01 04:36:00

Jaisalmer: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on Saturday alleged that BJP is playing a big horse-trading of MLAs to topple their government. He urged PM Narendra Modi to stop this 'drama' running in Rajasthan. CM Ashok Gehlot was talking to the press, during this he said these things.

CM Gehlot said, "Unfortunately, this time the horse-trading of BJP representatives is very big. It is using Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan. The entire Home Ministry is engaged in this work." He further said," We don't care for anyone. We care about democracy. Our fight is not with anyone, it is a war of our ideology, policies, and programs, it is not a war that you topple the elected government. ''

Gehlot further said that our war is not against anyone, our fight is to save democracy. He said, "Public gave an opportunity to PM Modi for the second time as Prime Minister, which is a big thing." Simultaneously, CM Gehlot said that PM Modi should stop all the spectacle that is happening in Rajasthan.