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Telecom Secretary asked companies to improve services in rural areas

The India Print 2020-08-01 22:49:11

New Delhi. Telecom Secretary Anshu Prakash said on Friday that the industry will have to overcome the challenges of improving connectivity in rural areas. There is good scope for 'data consumption' in this area. Prakash said that telecom services are a fundamental need and have joined the list of mandatory services. The industry has come a long way in reaching this point. But the road ahead is still full of challenges. This is an area with high capital investment where constant investment will be required. He said that the industry would have to campaign for laying a large network of wireline communication and broadband. So that the capacity of mobile towers and fiber-to-home broadband can help deliver.

Prakash urged companies to work in this direction. He said that India needs to get ready for 5G technology and invest in it. There are many opportunities in this sector to extend the benefits of 5G services to various sectors like health, education, agriculture, disaster management, industry and commerce. He said that mobile phones have become a part of people's lives. It has introduced the option of a home telephone. Mobile phones are becoming the backbone of e-governance, e-commerce and many value added services. Prakash said that the telecom industry has enough reasons to be proud of itself but the future is full of challenges. He said that this is a capital investment sector and it needs constant investment. Also, there is a need to improve services in rural areas. There is a lot of potential for data consumption in this area.