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Friendship Day 2020: What friendship means to these celebs

Free Press Journal 2020-08-02 07:00:00

I do agree that a friend in need is always a friend indeed. It’s just plain logic that if you are in need and the person isn’t there, then there’s no the way they can be called friends; they can be called as an acquaintance. During lockdown, I hurt myself twice. The first time I fell while climbing the stairs. I hurt my tailbone so badly that I couldn’t even stand up. And, coincidentally, right when I fell, one of my friends called and when I narrated the incident my friend came immediately and took me to the hospital. Only real friends stick through tough situations, while acquaintances just ask things for the sake of it. Second time I hurt my finger up and had no one to drive me to the hospital. One of my friends came to my rescue once again. I knew I can only rely on my friends during such situations; you can’t ask for favours from just anyone. I’ll be there for my friend in the future in case he/she needs me. Friendship is a ‘give and take' bond. I’m of an opinion that one needs to have good friends, being alone isn’t the best route to take. And since I’m alone in Mumbai, I know that I need my friends to share things with. I feel really blessed to have amazing friends around me who I can trust!

Digangana Suryavanshi