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Staying healthy

Jamaica Observer 2020-08-02 10:47:12

It's one thing to be healthy, but it's another to stay healthy.

Tales have been told of doctors issuing a clean bill of health to individuals, only for them to fall gravely ill months later. Without a doubt, staying healthy is a full-time job, but one that, if done well, will improve performance at school, work or home, and overall quality of life. Take time, therefore, to maintain your body — it is like a car that will function based on care.

How can you get maximum mileage from your body?



Any vehicle that runs non-stop is bound to fall into serious problems, such as overheating, and may be forced to come to a serious halt. Similarly, a body not properly rested will show signs of malfunction by looking haggard and feeling listless and confused. Contrariwise, getting sufficient rest gives you a feeling of wanting to take on the world.

Sleeping is one of, if not the best natural therapy. Optimising brain function, strengthening the immune system and an overall feeling of wellness are essential by-products of sleep. Tap into them. These are overwhelming gains that come from something that takes little effort and can be so sweet.


Fuel up

Despite how great a shape a vehicle may seem to be in, it must regularly receive fuel. And not just any fuelling up will do, since bad gas easily compromises the body of the car.

Likewise, nourishing our bodies should be a selective process. We should try to stay on the healthy side of things, with greater quantities of fruits, vegetables and nuts while cutting down on processed food and keeping meat consumption balanced.

Hydrating regularly is one of the best fuels for our bodies. Refrain from sodas, where possible, and try to be creative by making or blending your fruit and vegetable juices.



Interestingly, if a car is parked for weeks or months without being started and moved, that, too, can compromise efficiency. A car needs to be driven, it needs to get moving.

Not only must we get our bodies moving, we must develop a drive for exercise. Exercise is excellent for keeping organs intact, while giving you vigour, vim and vitality and boosting your mental capacity — keeping a good lid on stress. The beauty about exercise is that you can be creative with it and make it fun by doing things you like, such as dancing to your favourite music or riding a bicycle. Exercising vigorously three times per week, every other day, for 20 minutes is a great refresher.

We are all in this drive for life. We have a marvellous body that gets us where we want to go, and the thing is we have a good distance to go.

Taking a break by getting adequate sleep, getting the right food, fuelling up, while making time to exercise are critical to maximising mileage and overall optimal performance of our bodies, as we strive not just to be healthy but to stay healthy.


Warrick Lattibeaudiere (PhD), a minister of religion for the past 23 years, lectures full-time in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Technology, Jamaica.