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Andhra govt. discloses number of beds and ventilators available at covid hospitals in the state

Hans India 2020-08-02 10:16:30

Andhra govt. discloses number of beds and ventilators available at covid hospitals in AP

With number of coronavirus cases increasing on the daily basis in Andhra Pradesh, the state government has earlier decided that there should be enough beds, doctors and other staff in hospitals to treat them. The government has said it will set up beds in would issue to the patients in just half an hour and has made arrangements in district and division level hospitals accordingly. It also directed the collectors to recruit doctors and other medical personnel on a temporary basis as required in any district. The government has pinned all its hopes on thid measures to fight coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the government has disclosed the number of beds and how many ventilators are available in covid hospitals set up in all districts across the state. Full details are available on the Department of Health website. Covid-19 state level task force committee member Tumma Vijay Kumar Reddy said 24,738 beds and 1,171 ventilators were available in hospitals in various districts as on Saturday evening.

District-wise details of coronavirus beds and ventilators

Srikakulam - 3,847 beds and 23 ventilators

Vizianagaram - 1,258 beds and 15 ventilators

Visakhapatnam - 4,456 beds and 207 ventilators

East Godavari - 1, 1,813 beds and 60 ventilators

West Godavari - 1,369 beds and 15 ventilators

Krishna - 1,736 beds and 117 ventilators

Guntur - 1,496 beds and 186 ventilators

Prakasam - 114 beds and 96 ventilators

Nellore - 1073 beds and 167 ventilators

Anantapur -. 1854 beds and 16 ventilators

Chittoor - 3002 beds with 120 ventilators

Kadapa - 385 beds and 52 ventilators,

Kurnool - 2,335 beds and 95 ventilators.