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Sexiest Movie Scenes That Contain No Sex

BuzzFeed India 2020-08-08 08:10:36
    1. Rewind
    ·Posted 17 minutes ago

    23 Of The Most Sexually Charged Scenes In Cinema That Have Absolutely No Sex

    *Bites knuckle*

    by Ehis Osifo

    BuzzFeed Staff

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    1. When Mr. Darcy helps Elizabeth Bennet into her carriage in Pride & Prejudice:

    Focus Features

    2. When Mr. Bingley trails behind Jane Bennet while lovingly caressing her ribbon in Pride & Prejudice:

    Focus Features

    3. *Last one, I swear* When Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet dance and everyone around them disappears in Pride & Prejudice:

    Focus Feautures

    4. When Mr. Knightly holds onto Emma's waist a *tad* longer than necessary in Emma.:

    Focus Features

    5. When Joe and Queen Clarisse dance after Mia's princess lesson in The Princess Diaries:

    Buena Vista Pictures

    6. When Nick dips (and forgives) Kat during their fight/dance in The Wedding Date:

    Universal Pictures

    7. When Nick winks at Kat from across the room at cocktail hour in The Wedding Date:

    Universal Pictures

    8. When Alan M helps Josie with her dress chain in Josie and the Pussycats:


    9. When Sara and Derek cuddle for all the haters on the train in Save the Last Dance:

    Paramount Pictures

    10. When Maddy and Olly "touch hands" through her window in Everything, Everything:

    Warner Bros.

    11. When Baby crawls toward Johnny during their dance session in Dirty Dancing:

    Vestron Pictures

    12. When Johnny hooks Baby's arm around his neck during their final dance in Dirty Dancing:

    Vestron Pictures

    13. When Edward jokingly shuts the jewelry case onto Vivian's fingers in Pretty Woman:

    Buena Vista Pictures

    14. When Robbie lights Cecilia's cigarette in Atonement:

    Focus Features

    15. When Chiron and Kevin share a meal together for the first time as adults in Moonlight:


    16. When Torrance and Cliff brush their teeth together — and share saucy looks — in Bring It On:

    Universal Pictures

    17. When Jake comforts Lainey after her emotional run-in with her ex in Sleeping with Other People:

    IFC Films

    18. When Maria and Captain von Trapp share a dance with each other in The Sound of Music:

    20th Century Fox

    19. When James comforts Vesper in the shower in Casino Royale:

    Sony Pictures

    20. When Miles wipes the eyelash from Iris's cheek — and also instructs her not to blow away — in The Holiday:

    Sony Pictures

    21. When Q tackles Monica into the grass and cuddles with her in Love & Basketball:

    New Line Cinema

    22. When Céline brushes away Jesse's hair in Before Sunrise:

    Columbia Pictures

    23. Lastly, because this movie is almost as hot as Pride & Prejudice, I had to include this scene when Nick pushes Kat up against a car in The Wedding Date:

    Universal Pictures