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Cocoa Islands may be a big threat to India, why should Nehru's imprudence know the reason for this danger?

The India Print 2020-08-19 22:07:50

In the midst of the India-China border dispute, China is constantly creating new disputed dimensions, China has always been following the footsteps of its expansionary policy, it is also well known. The recent encounter between the Chinese and Indian armies of the Galvan Valley was also a result of China's expansionist policy where both countries suffered military losses.

But there has also been a historical aspect of India, where India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru himself had made a big mistake in not keeping India's borders and important areas intact. As a result of which all Indians are still suffering today, while neighboring country China uses the same part to assess and monitor India's military strength.

History of Cocoa Islands 
An island consisting of small islands is located in the Bay of Bengal, which is known as Coco Island. The Cocoa Islands, which are counted among the most important islands in the Asia continents, are 1255 km southeast of Kolkata, which is very important for Indian interests. But in 1950, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, showed that the coastal indifference towards Indian jurisdictions and the decision taken not to give importance to the Coco Islands in view of security also gives a strong boost to China's expansion policy.

In fact, Nehru gifted the Coco Islands (Burma) to Myanmar, only because Nehru considered the area nothing but barren land. As a result, China took this cocoa island from Myanmar and China's move was successful. 

China moves increasing activity on Cocoa Island

For the last five decades, China's interest has been steadily increasing on this cocoa island, cocoa island north of Andaman and Nicobar islands is also very important for India's security and strategic terms. 

China keeps a keen eye on the efforts of Indian missile launches at all times, whenever India executes any of its activities in the Indian Ocean or the Bay of Bengal, it is Chinese eye. If seen, it can be harmful for any nation to have a sharp eye of another country in its security activity and it is also a matter of concern for a progressive nation.

British Empire wanted to keep India deprived of islands 

The idea of ​​keeping Azad India under his control remained among the British authorities, due to which he was carrying out the trick to deprive India of important islands. With a view to weakening India's strategic dominance, the move went on to control the Indian Ocean and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, while Pakistan was also eyeing Lakshadweep after Partition. 

These plans were finally defeated by the efforts of Sardar Patel. Pakistan was raging over the annexation of Lakshadweep, but Sardar Patel saved it from Pakistan's occupation by liaising with the British and following the trick of British rule. Sardar ensured the decision to deploy the Indian Navy to Lakshadweep.

With the intention of not allowing an economically and strategically strong India to be built, such conspiratorial steps were being taken by the British. The British knew that none of their tricks could succeed in front of Sardar Patel. A clear example of which was seen in the occupation of Lakshadweep. Therefore, the British did not want to discuss the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the Sardar, but they also lost the island and their move also failed.

Eventually the lost British Empire of the two islands was engaged in capturing the remaining Cocoa Islands. British rule continued to exist in the Bay of Bengal for which efforts started but the British imperialists did not think of losing Coco Island at any cost, in which they also succeeded.

When Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made a big mistake

In 1947, Lord Mountbatten, the then Viceroy, took the intention of separating Coco Island from independent India, taking the matter of jurisdiction of Coco Island to Nehru and sanctioned it. In which it was clearly stated by the first Prime Minister of India that the Cocoa Islands would be leased to Britain, which would serve the communication objectives of Britain. 

This decision of Nehru later emerged as a stigma that became the first prime minister of India forever. Mountbatten knew very well that Nehru's strategic understanding was low, as well as a soft attitude towards the British that could serve the British rule, exactly as Lord Mountbatten and the British rule thought. 

Myanmar (Burma) received gifts in Cocoa Islands

Nehru was later gifted to Myanmar (Burma) by the Cocoa Islands in 1950 and now China monitors India from Cocoa Island. Day-to-day activities of China always pose a threat to India's border security. 

Continuous land reforms in Cocoa Island, the expansion of more than 2000 meters of the airstrip and the construction of naval bridges to radar stations have raised India's concerns. While China monitors every coastal activity in India, there has always been a threat to India, as planes from enemy countries can land on Cocoa Island, which is not at all appropriate for Indian interests. India's military activities are frequent in the Chinese radar. 

In terms of India's border security, former Prime Minister of India, Nehru made such a big mistake, to compensate for which is a big challenge in today's modern world. This is the difference between the strategies of Sardar Patel and the strategies of Nehru, according to which conditions have been created today. If the proposal of the Cocoa Islands were brought to the notice of the Sardar by the British rule, then certainly the Coco Islands would have been part of India instead of Myanmar and there would not have been such a big danger in terms of security.   

According to Indian defense experts, China has already established several ports from the perspective of India's siege, intending to surround India in the economic corridor by a continuous investment process at the ports. The Government of India will have to take some concrete steps in view of the Cocoa Islands. So that the Chinese can get water on the move and India's military power is clearly conscious and prosperous.