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Now the experience of traveling in Delhi Metro will change, smart cards will be automatically recharged at AFC Gate

The India Print 2020-08-19 22:10:53

New Delhi. With a view to promote more e-transactions for the passengers, Delhi Metro announced on Wednesday that a new facility will automatically recharge the smart cards of passengers at the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Gate. Officials said that whenever Delhi Metro service starts, this facility will be available for use on the entire network of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The service of Delhi Metro has been closed since March 22 due to Kovid-19 status. DMRC said in a statement, "Delhi Metro passengers will now be able to take advantage of this new type of smart card, which comes with auto-top-up facility. With this, their smart cards will be automatically recharged at the AFC gate of metro stations. '' 

She said that this new smart card is available to customers through the Autop app, which has been developed specifically for this purpose. Officials said that old smart cards issued by DMRC can also be updated to avail this facility. Managing Director of DMRC, Mangu Singh said that this initiative is in line with DMRC's commitment to promote cashless transactions among passengers of Delhi Metro. According to the statement, whenever the amount is less than Rs 100 in the new smart card issued by Autop, the auto top-up facility will work and the smartcards will be recharged from Rs 200 at the AFC entrance. The statement states that Autop will receive the amount from the customer's linked card or bank account.